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My weight-loss journey

Admin     .      Feb 23        .      5 min read                

This time last year losing weight was the last thing on my mind. As a little girl I remember knowing that I was overweight. I was always the biggest girl, wearing adult clothes since primary school. I knew I was not as pretty as other skinnier girls, however, it never stopped me from embracing my body and loving myself.

As I entered my teenage years I went through a few phases here and there where I would lose a lot of weight. All of which I have only noticed because of photos from that time. I do not remember having any fault with my body or wanting to change my body in any way. I do, however, remember knowing that I was bigger than everyone else and that I was not as pretty as the other skinnier girls. I hid my double chin as well as I could. I hated wearing shorts. I always made sure that my arm flabs were well hidden if any photo was taken.

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The Power of Make-up

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Hi, my name is Zani. I am a Professional Make-up Artist and I have a love hate relationship with the art form. 

Do not get me wrong- I love the power make-up has. It has the power to transform . It is insane what a pair of false lashes does to a person’s face. I also love that make-up is my art medium. I can create my pieces of art in any way I chose to do so. 

Make-up is not my above all and end all. Personally, I do not wear make-up every day. If I have the opportunity to skip make-up for a day, I do so with a smile on my face. During my training I was taught millions of techniques to create flawless skin, “on-fleek” brown and perfect contour. All techniques used to look like the make-up gurus we see online. If I had 2 extra hours every day to look like them, I would do so. 

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When I Grow up i want to be a...

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We are so fortunate to live in a modern day world where we can enjoy a multitude of different careers. We have the freedom to create our own career, even one that does not exist at this very moment. I find myself wondering what exactly it is a person does, quite regularly. There are so many options in this world most of us do not know anything about.

I have had many different answers to the question over the years. My earliest memory of this answer was to be a veterinarian. To this day I still love animals and could live on a farm in a heartbeat. Snow White is still one of my favourite Disney Princesses, just because of her power to lure forest animals to her just by the sound of her beautiful voice. Before you ask, yes, I have tried to lure animals with my singing. Let’s just say Simon Cowel would run away before the animals could get a chance.

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