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About Zani Müller

Zani Müller’s passion for style started from a young age. Her earliest memories includes the vivid image of her standing in front of her mother’s mirror. The reflection staring back at the little girl dressed up in one of her mother’s evening gowns and high heels – a few too many sizes too big for her. If Zani was lucky she got her little claws on her mother’s red lipstick and smeared it across half of her face. Her smeared smile would reach from ear to ear and she would be in utter bliss.

It was only fitting that Zani would choose a career in die Fashion/Beauty Industry. Zani Müller graduated with Cum Laude at South Africa Image Academy (SAIA). SAIA is one of the leading Image Academies in South Africa. The Academy truly encompasses innovation. Aletté-Johanni Winckler, the CEO of SAIA is the first internationally accredited AICI CIC (Certified Image Consultant) trainer in South Africa. Furthermore the spacial ladies at SAIA is the master brains behind The APPearance App – the first application of its kind. They are truly taking the Image Consulting World by storm!

Zani always knew that she loves making people feel good about themselves. Make-up was the perfect outlet for Zani’s creative side. She obtained her international accredited ITEC Diploma for Hair and Media Make-up from Smudge Hair and Make-up Academy. Zani has worked on various projects including Finesse Fashion Shows and Bokeh events.

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Personal qualifications

ITEC Accredited Diploma in Hair and Media Make-up


Diploma in Colour Consulting

Diploma in Style Consulting


Do not hesitate to enquire about a personalised package or service.Leave us a message on our contact page and we will come back to you shortly. It is our aim to assit our beautiful clients!

Style Consultation

Style consultations are filled with measuring and analysing your body and style. We not only enhance your wardrobe with pieces that suits your personality perfectly. We also make sure that the pieces all work exclusively for your body type!

Style Consultations are the best place to start if you are looking for a change! We make sure that we eliminate all the items in your cupboard that does not suit you. You will also learn how to save money by not buying items that does not do anything for your body!

Colour Consultation

Colour- where the real fun begins! I will “drape” you to determine your colour coding. With this knowledge you will know exactly which colours suits you best. Your closet will immediately get a colourful face-lift and no colour will be a risk to wear. You will also get access to The Appearance App with this consultation.

Corporate Consultation

Corporate is one of my favourite lines of work. I can customise my presentation exclusively for your company. I cover corporate attire- for males and females, etiquette, brand representation and much more.

A Corporate Consultation is a perfect event for all employees. The aim of this service is to create an environment for your employees to learn how to be proud of your company and more so, themselves and what they have to offer.

We all strive to have an incredibly professional and happy staff.

Zani Müller Finishing School

The newest service I have to offer – and the one I am the most proud of is Zani Müller Finishing School (ZMFS). 

I have always had a passion for working with children. ZMFS takes a modern approach to etiquette. It is always a great idea to start young-  your identity, style and self-worth should not be excluded from this list.

Topics covered in this course includes make-up, style, careers, self-worth and self-confidence, image and etiquette-just to name a few!

Each student will be awarded with a certificate on completion of this course, which they also can include in their CV’s.

Image for Men

I specialise in styling for men. Image Consulting is not only for the fairer sex.

I do a full Styling Consultation and wardrobe planning – making sure that you have the right tools to look dashing for any occasion.

Tips in grooming will also be given during the course of the consultations.

Our happy clients