Make-up On The Go!

Make-up On The Go!

Hi, my name is Zani. I am a Professional Make-up Artist and I have a love hate relationship with the art form. 

Do not get me wrong- I love the power make-up has. It has the power to transform . It is insane what a pair of false lashes does to a person’s face. I also love that make-up is my art medium. I can create my pieces of art in any way I chose to do so. 

Make-up is not my above all and end all. Personally, I do not wear make-up every day. If I have the opportunity to skip make-up for a day, I do so with a smile on my face. During my training I was taught millions of techniques to create flawless skin, “on-fleek” brown and perfect contour. All techniques used to look like the make-up gurus we see online. If I had 2 extra hours every day to look like them, I would do so. 

Today I am going to share my tricks of the trade for an easy day look-one that will make you look radiant!


If you have a good skin care regime, your battles are already half won! A skin care regime should be personalised according to your skin type and skin conditions. Most people suffer from dehydrated skin. It is essential that you hydrate your body with the 2 litres of water, per day, that it deserves!

After my morning skin care regime I moisturise my face with a hydrating moisturiser. I also use a primer, just to act as another layer before my foundation. My day-to-day foundation is something lighter on the skin, but also has the power to stay on my face during the majority of the day. I set my foundation with a translucent powder to lock it in place.


Concealer is only necessary when your foundation does not to a great job at hiding your dark circles. Remember to put concealer on before you set your foundation with translucent  powder!

Bronzer and blush:

Contouring is not generally in my day to day look. I used a warm toned bronzer to bring a little life back into my skin. A bronzer with glitter particles works great for that radiant, “glowing” look. A little bit of blush never hurt anyone. A rosy cheek looks great during the day!


Mascara and eyeliner!

That is basically all I have to say. Mascara and eyeliner opens up your eyes! If you feel that a black eyeliner is too dark for your skin tone, you can use a brown liner as well. It does the job perfectly! If I feel like a have a few minutes to spare I will use a peachy colour in my crease. The peachy tones gives life to your eyes.


Tweezed brows are easier to handle! If you have full brows-a brow mascara does the job! Some days I am in the mood for a more defined brow. I will use a brow gel to fill in my brows on th0ose days.


I will finish off my look with my lips. I love to start off with a lip scrub. It not only exfoliates your lips, but it brings colour back into them. A lip ice finishes off my look most days. You can also use a tinted lip ice to give more colour. Other than that- nothing is stopping you to wear your favourite lipstick!

Make-up can be that easy! Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions on the products I use or tell me a little about your make-up secrets.

Yours truly