When I Grow Up I Want To Be A…

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A...

We are so fortunate to live in a modern day world where we can enjoy a multitude of different careers. We have the freedom to create our own career, even one that does not exist at this very moment. I find myself wondering what exactly it is a person does, quite regularly. There are so many options in this world most of us do not know anything about.

I have had many different answers to the question over the years. My earliest memory of this answer was to be a veterinarian. To this day I still love animals and could live on a farm in a heartbeat. Snow White is still one of my favourite Disney Princesses, just because of her power to lure forest animals to her just by the sound of her beautiful voice. Before you ask, yes, I have tried to lure animals with my singing. Let’s just say Simon Cowell would run away before the animals could get a chance. 

Other than that I remember wanting to be a doctor, fashion designer, air-hostess, chemist and mechatronic engineer, just to name a few. The one that takes the cake was- drum roll, please- gynaecologist. Yes, my 11 year old self declared in front of my entire class that I want to be in fact a gynaecologist. My teacher, bless his soul, needed to explain to all my classmates exactly what it is. Somehow I had a fascination with birth at a very young age.

When the time came where I actually needed to start thinking about my future, I could not give a solid answer. I knew there were things I really did not want to do- gynaecology being one of them. I felt overwhelmed by all the possible different options and afraid to settle on one thing. 

I took a gap year with the hope of figuring it out. I did courses and I worked a wide variety of different jobs. Today I am an Image Consultant and Professional Hair and Makeup Artist, yet I am aspiring to be more and to do more. 

From all my experience working odd jobs and having had 8 different careers in 3 years, I can say without a doubt that I am most definitely going to have a lot of other careers as well and I have come to realise that it is okay.

My goal is not to know what my end point is anymore. My goal is not to plan my life out to a tee anymore. My goal is to be happy. I will and forever more choose happiness. Happiness in all aspects of my life. 

When a grow up I want to be...happy. 

What do you want to be?

I am challenging you to think about where you are in this moment in time in your life. Are you where you wanted to be? Are you at least on the path of getting where you want to be. Are you happy? Are you doing what sets your soul on fire? If the answer is no to any of these questions change one thing. Even if it is small. Start somewhere. You are the captain of your own soul. Only you can steer your boat in the direction you want it to. Look out for the lighthouses to steer you away from danger. Celebrate the calm waters. Be in the moment. Listen to the rough seas- they teach you a lot. Make sure your journey ends at the harbour where you wanted to be.

Yours truly


My Weightloss Journey

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My Weightloss Journey

This time last year losing weight was the last thing on my mind. As a little girl I remember knowing that I was overweight. I was always the biggest girl, wearing adult clothes since primary school. I knew I was not as pretty as other skinnier girls, however, it never stopped me from embracing my body and loving myself.

As I entered my teenage years I went through a few phases here and there where I would lose a lot of weight. All of which I have only noticed because of photos from that time. I do not remember having any fault with my body or wanting to change my body in any way. I do, however, remember knowing that I was bigger than everyone else and that I was not as pretty as the other skinnier girls. I hid my double chin as well as I could. I hated wearing shorts. I always made sure that my arm flabs were well hidden if any photo was taken.

I always brushed off my thoughts thinking that I was being ridiculous and that it is a normal thing to criticize your own body. I hid my body in the clothes that made me feel good and used that as my power. I guess that is why I love fashion and style so much today.

I was quite active as  a child. I was not fit by all means and I struggled to keep along with my peers, because of the extra bit of love my body was carrying. Other than that, I was always outside, playing on the beach or participating in one or other team sport. As I got older and my surroundings became more competitive, I started to notice that I am dragging myself to practice. I was out of shape and slowly but surely I started hating sport. That’s when I stopped exercising. I focused on the things I loved and stayed away from any kind of possible scenario which could have caused an embarrassing scene. I neglected my body.

Until the middle of last year I was contempt with my body. I felt good. I loved every curve I had and more so, I embraced it. Body positivity was on the rise and it became a taboo to “ fat-shame”. I finally fitted into a group that accepted my curves. I was happy.

That was until I realised that I was slowly damaging my body. My legs did not fit into my pants anymore and I was starting to feel disgusted by my body. I knew it was time for a change. 

So that is what I did! I changed my mindset. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted my body to be healthy. I wanted to keep up. Most importantly, I want my body to be fully functioning for as long as my brain is.

A mere six months later I can say with joy that I am 10kgs lighter and I have dropped 3 dress sizes. Most importantly I am living a healthy lifestyle!

The “ How I Lost 10kgs In Six Months” will be featured in my next blog!

Yours truly


I Am Grateful!

I am Grateful!

I have always been the little girl with dreams bigger than her imagination. I wanted to shift mountains, because in my mind I knew I could. Luckily I grew up a little and she realised that I can shift mountains because I have an amazing group of people right behind her.

January is drawing to an end and I am taking this time to reflect. More so than the end of 2019. I made sure that my New Year’s Resolutions are set and that I finished everything off before the clock struck 00:00 on the 1st day of this magnificent year. This time it is the start of my new life.

I have resigned from my day job, as some may call it, to fully pursue me. I have done it all, from being a shampoo lady to an office assistant to working at a call centre to pay the bills. I was faced with a lot of hurdles that I needed to overcome. It was easier to be in a routine of working for somebody else. I knew my salary would be paid out at the end of every month and that I did not need to worry about where I am going to find the money from to pay my rent. It is was easy. It was comfortable. 

As time went by I fell deeper into that soft cloud. However, the soft blanket started to suffocate me. I knew I was not doing what I wanted to do and I knew that I needed to get out.

For the past few months I have been conditioning myself for the “Big Day”. I worked on my mindset, my fears. I worked a lot of extra hours on the start-up of my business. At the end of last month, I decided to take the leap of faith.

Today I am reflecting on all the difficult days, the streams of tears and the fire in my soul that’s been wanting to be released for too long.

I am so fortunate that I have the opportunity to take the leap of faith for the lone fact that I have an amazing support system right behind me. I know each and every one of them will be there if I fall, and I know they will help me through the tough days.

This one is an ode to you- all of you. You know who you are.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for noticing my potential. Thank you for teaching me in all fields I am lacking. Thank you for holding my hand. Most importantly- thank you for giving me the freedom of letting my wings soar through the sky.

I am forever indebted to you!

Yours truly


Make-up On The Go!

Make-up On The Go!

Hi, my name is Zani. I am a Professional Make-up Artist and I have a love hate relationship with the art form. 

Do not get me wrong- I love the power make-up has. It has the power to transform . It is insane what a pair of false lashes does to a person’s face. I also love that make-up is my art medium. I can create my pieces of art in any way I chose to do so. 

Make-up is not my above all and end all. Personally, I do not wear make-up every day. If I have the opportunity to skip make-up for a day, I do so with a smile on my face. During my training I was taught millions of techniques to create flawless skin, “on-fleek” brown and perfect contour. All techniques used to look like the make-up gurus we see online. If I had 2 extra hours every day to look like them, I would do so. 

Today I am going to share my tricks of the trade for an easy day look-one that will make you look radiant!


If you have a good skin care regime, your battles are already half won! A skin care regime should be personalised according to your skin type and skin conditions. Most people suffer from dehydrated skin. It is essential that you hydrate your body with the 2 litres of water, per day, that it deserves!

After my morning skin care regime I moisturise my face with a hydrating moisturiser. I also use a primer, just to act as another layer before my foundation. My day-to-day foundation is something lighter on the skin, but also has the power to stay on my face during the majority of the day. I set my foundation with a translucent powder to lock it in place.


Concealer is only necessary when your foundation does not to a great job at hiding your dark circles. Remember to put concealer on before you set your foundation with translucent  powder!

Bronzer and blush:

Contouring is not generally in my day to day look. I used a warm toned bronzer to bring a little life back into my skin. A bronzer with glitter particles works great for that radiant, “glowing” look. A little bit of blush never hurt anyone. A rosy cheek looks great during the day!


Mascara and eyeliner!

That is basically all I have to say. Mascara and eyeliner opens up your eyes! If you feel that a black eyeliner is too dark for your skin tone, you can use a brown liner as well. It does the job perfectly! If I feel like a have a few minutes to spare I will use a peachy colour in my crease. The peachy tones gives life to your eyes.


Tweezed brows are easier to handle! If you have full brows-a brow mascara does the job! Some days I am in the mood for a more defined brow. I will use a brow gel to fill in my brows on th0ose days.


I will finish off my look with my lips. I love to start off with a lip scrub. It not only exfoliates your lips, but it brings colour back into them. A lip ice finishes off my look most days. You can also use a tinted lip ice to give more colour. Other than that- nothing is stopping you to wear your favourite lipstick!

Make-up can be that easy! Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions on the products I use or tell me a little about your make-up secrets.

Yours truly