My Weightloss Journey

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My Weightloss Journey

This time last year losing weight was the last thing on my mind. As a little girl I remember knowing that I was overweight. I was always the biggest girl, wearing adult clothes since primary school. I knew I was not as pretty as other skinnier girls, however, it never stopped me from embracing my body and loving myself.

As I entered my teenage years I went through a few phases here and there where I would lose a lot of weight. All of which I have only noticed because of photos from that time. I do not remember having any fault with my body or wanting to change my body in any way. I do, however, remember knowing that I was bigger than everyone else and that I was not as pretty as the other skinnier girls. I hid my double chin as well as I could. I hated wearing shorts. I always made sure that my arm flabs were well hidden if any photo was taken.

I always brushed off my thoughts thinking that I was being ridiculous and that it is a normal thing to criticize your own body. I hid my body in the clothes that made me feel good and used that as my power. I guess that is why I love fashion and style so much today.

I was quite active as  a child. I was not fit by all means and I struggled to keep along with my peers, because of the extra bit of love my body was carrying. Other than that, I was always outside, playing on the beach or participating in one or other team sport. As I got older and my surroundings became more competitive, I started to notice that I am dragging myself to practice. I was out of shape and slowly but surely I started hating sport. That’s when I stopped exercising. I focused on the things I loved and stayed away from any kind of possible scenario which could have caused an embarrassing scene. I neglected my body.

Until the middle of last year I was contempt with my body. I felt good. I loved every curve I had and more so, I embraced it. Body positivity was on the rise and it became a taboo to “ fat-shame”. I finally fitted into a group that accepted my curves. I was happy.

That was until I realised that I was slowly damaging my body. My legs did not fit into my pants anymore and I was starting to feel disgusted by my body. I knew it was time for a change. 

So that is what I did! I changed my mindset. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted my body to be healthy. I wanted to keep up. Most importantly, I want my body to be fully functioning for as long as my brain is.

A mere six months later I can say with joy that I am 10kgs lighter and I have dropped 3 dress sizes. Most importantly I am living a healthy lifestyle!

The “ How I Lost 10kgs In Six Months” will be featured in my next blog!

Yours truly